Our Process

Bespoke uses a tailored process to fit
just the right style for each client.


1. Consult

Our custom event tailoring process begins with an initial consultation where our team gets to know our clients to develop a roadmap for engagement. Just as a bespoke tailor would take measurements at this stage, we ask questions to assess your needs, identify the purpose of your meeting, incentive or event, pin down your goals and objectives and address your pain points—all to set the tone for an ongoing, trusted partnership.

  • Purpose Identification
  • Engagement Roadmapping
  • Budget + Timeline Development
  • Concept + Theme Development
  • Build ROI + Success Metrics

2. Design

Next, our team works on curating a one-of-a-kind event designed to fulfill your unique vision. This is where the logistical planning takes place and decisions are made about the style of your event. We are experts at producing creative event designs that surpass client expectations and elevate your story.

  • Venue Sourcing + Site Selection
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Food + Beverage
  • Décor Selection
  • Integrated Audio + Visual
  • Wayfinding + Signage
  • Safety + Security Planning

3. Tailor

Working in tandem with the event design, we start fine-tuning the innovative details that tie it all together. We develop and produce creative elements and amenities. Our team builds scalable, customized event registration sites and intuitive mobile apps. We integrate specialized, interactive elements, and provide communication consulting to ensure the event design fits your vision.

Creative Services:

  • Logo + Graphics + Branding
  • Custom Décor
  • Collateral
  • Custom Amenities
  • Signage + Wayfinding
  • Video + Photography

Meeting Tools:

  • Bespoke Squares + CatchBox
  • Speakers + Entertainment Sourcing
  • OnArrival Kiosks
  • Spotlight Presentation Tool
  • Strategic Meetings Management

Digital Tools:

  • Mobile Applications
  • Online Registration Platform
  • Event Website Development
  • Social Wall
  • Social Media
process-icons2-deliver (1)

4. Deliver

After thoughtful, efficient planning, it is time for Bespoke to bring your story to life. During the onsite event execution, our on-the-ground expert team delivers certainty to ensure everything goes as planned and your event gets its moment to shine. We curate a positive experience to surprise, delight and engage your attendees. Bespoke delivers the right team to successfully execute each component of your tailored event design so that you can focus on enjoying it!

  • Pre-Con Meeting Management
  • Team Management + On-Site Logistics
  • Vendor Fulfillment
  • Rooms Management + Check-In
  • Shipping + Receiving
  • VIP Management + High Touch Service
  • Air + Ground Transportation
  • Show Flow + Speaker Training



5. Polish

When a consumer invests in a custom-tailored suit or gown, the item requires ongoing care and maintenance to procure longevity. Similarly, the success of a meeting, incentive, or corporate event does not end when the event is over. During this final stage, Bespoke provides reporting, contract reconciliation with all parties, and measurement of the event while also looking to the future.

  • Budget Reconciliation + Reporting
  • ROI + Purpose Wrap-Up
  • Post-Con Resources Booklet 
  • Surveys + Metrics Reporting
  • Future Planning