Our Work

Denver Public Schools -
New Educator Welcome Event

A better approach to creative site selection + logistics


"Bespoke supported the Denver Public Schools (DPS) team in weaving together the magic of teaching with the district’s mission and core values, allowing us to bring a story about what it means to be a teacher in DPS to life. In just two years, DPS saw a demonstrable increase in new teacher feedback from attendees, who stated the event was a meaningful and valuable welcome to the district, its core values and community."

Amanda L. - Project Manager, Strategic Initiatives

The Challenge

Each year, Denver Public Schools welcomes more than 900 new educators to the Denver community. Looking to provide educators a new welcoming and exciting first day of work, DPS partnered with Bespoke to bring new life to an event that had consistently low satisfaction ratings.

Bespoke worked with DPS to source a new venue that would make educators feel special and engage with exhibitors.


We designed a new event brand, developed a robust registration with personalized schedules, sourced local food trucks to provide custom lunches instead of the typical banquet meal, incorporated the DPS values into the program and worked closely with the planning to develop an engaging agenda welcoming new educators.

Through our work, the event satisfaction jumped from 30% to over 90%.