Our Work

First Descents - Annual Ball

Storytelling for maximum impact


"Bespoke transformed our process with real-time budgeting and a seamless registration platform. More importantly, they curated an attendee experience rooted in inspiration and purpose that allowed us to change the lives of our guests in just one evening. It was both as simple and as revelatory as that."

Sarah H. - Marketing Director

The Challenge

First Descents is a Denver-based non-profit offering adventure sports programs to adults with cancer. Bespoke has had the pleasure of managing both their smaller Fall Affair fundraiser as well as their signature spring Ball for the past 4 years.

With Bespoke's help, First Descents was able to transform their events from great parties into intentional storytelling opportunities that drive donor action. From custom room wraps, to inspiring live entertainment, compelling AV production and whimsical food and beverage experiences, First Descents has looked to Bespoke to root all event elements in one common theme every year.


This streamlined strategy allows the organization's return guests to leave with clear calls to action and an understanding of their place in the forward motion of this inspiring organization. In the past 4 years, First Descents has seen growth of over 60% year over year in donations.