Tailored Products

Meeting Tools


Bespoke Squares 

Shake up the traditional meeting

Bespoke Squares is an innovative modular dry-erase system made for unique attendee engagement. Each square securely attaches to our reconfigurable modular walls. Combine multiple squares to make a collaboration system for your meeting. It's the ultimate flexible tool loved by facilitators and attendees alike.  Best of all, the partner mobile app captures all your data in an easy to share photo roll.


AGM 2012 concert featuring Gavin McGraw and Lifehouse on Friday, May 11, 2012.
(Photos by Richard Patterson)

Speakers + Entertainment Sourcing

From Keynotes to Keyboards

  • High profile speaker sourcing and contract negotiation
  • Bands, artists and entertainment
  • Actors and crowd engagement

OnArrival Kiosks

Take the stress out of check-in + registration

The Bespoke OnArrival system is designed to make check-in and registration seamless for both your team and your attendees. With iPad check-in and a user friendly platform, your guests will be registered and credentialed faster than ever before, giving them more time to experience your event

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Spotlight Presentation Tool + CatchBox

Focused attention

The Spotlight Presentation Tool is the most modern, minimalist presentation pointer system available. Spotlight, highlight or magnify with just a tiny handheld tool and simple user experience. This is how presentations are done right!

Catchbox is the world’s first throw-able microphone. Make your meeting or presentation more engaging with a microphone that is designed for audience participation. Bespoke can customize and brand this unique microphone that brings energy to any q and a session!

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Strategic Meetings Management

Rethinking the client experience

Strategic Meetings Management is a certified strategy based around running efficient meetings, streamlined internal workflows, collaborative technologies and project management. Bespoke has the tools and the training to measure the return on investment and track the metrics for all your meeting and event spends.